Help for Small Businesses Trying to Survive the Economy

I came across this article with tips for small businesses. Trying to survive the economy has been a real struggle for some, so this may prove helpful to many.

Essentially, what Herald Daily is saying in this article is that it all boils down to common sense and excellent customer service. Look at your business, offerings and pricing from your customer's point of view, then make them feel safe enough to part with their hard earned cash during a scary recession.

Approached correctly, you can still generate sales, instill customer loyalty and survive the economy. You want to be one of the businesses that are still around after the recession is over.

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The History of Advertising

The History of Advertising

Did you know that history of advertising dates back to the Ancient Romans and Greeks? It's true. They printed their lost and found ads on papyrus for circulation.

Actually, you can even still find remnants of the birth of advertising in ancient Pompeii today. No doubt about it, we've come a very long way since then.

Now, instead of using wall paintings to promote local politicians, we have radio, television, digital, print and internet mediums to spread the word and convince our target audience that we have something they need.

This article about the history of advertising is an interesting summary of how ads evolved over centuries. Not to worry, it's not a novel, rather a "Coles Notes" type of report. It's an interesting read, well worth taking a few minutes for. You'll enjoy it and maybe even learn a little something.

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Home Business Outlook for 2009

BusinessWeek and Enterprise Nation recently published their predictions for the future of Home Business in 2009.

Their outlooks are encouraging and offer up the best areas to target for the year. The article is interesting and definitely worth a quick read. You can do so by clicking the article title below:

Home Business Predictions for 2009

9 Tried and True Tips for Getting New Customers

Anyone who's been in business for awhile has read or heard of the most common forms of marketing strategies. Perhaps you've used them yourself.

In case you haven't, or you want to see if there's something new to you, check out this article. You won't find article marketing or classified ads mentioned here, but there are some good ideas, including developing your own radio show!

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